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Heart Tones, Brain Channels, Emotional Vibrational Frequencies.

Natural Health: Peace of Mind and Well-Being.

Health and Well-Being ~ For you and for your family.

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As human beings, we feel our best when we are purposefully being proactive with our Well Being – the homeostasis of Natural health and Well-being can improve our mood and lift our spirits.

Learning the trades in Natural Health, heart and mind techniques, herbs and emotional awareness complements a healthy lifestyle of exercise, nutritious foods, reading, exploring life, finding adventure, experiencing joy and happiness. Sign up today to begin a lifetime of exhilarating growth and improvement.

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Bring light and serenity into your natural living and well-being.


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I have been living, working and utilizing Heart Tones, Brain Channels and Frequencies since 2009. I am ready to begin teaching people who are open and ready to learn. There are two class dates: October 13th or October 14th. Class hours For Friday are 8:30-4:00 Class hours for Saturday are 10:00am to 6:00pm ~ Cost is $130

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Heart Tones ~ Brain Channels

Emotional Vibrational Frequencies

Bring a wealth of knowledge and elevation into your life with New, Fun and Vibrant Classes.

Achieve your goals with feelings of appreciation, gratitude and an open mind to the possibilities presenting themselves to you.

Sparkle and Shine with your new found talents and gifts. You can become more proficient in Natural Health. This journey can rise you up. Engaging in classes will bring you enlightenment, wisdom and understanding to help achieve your next goals on your horizon.